The term “lacy coastline” was invented to describe the Greek islands. If you want to see a typical example of this, you should travel to Astypalea. You will find that it is difficult to think of a better expression to describe the landscape created sea’s interaction with the wild coastline. Every inlet is home to a small beach just waiting to be discovered, either by land or by sea.

Livadi, Pera Gialos, Schinontas and Steno are the island’s largest beaches where most people congregate. Kaminakia, Vatses and Agios Konstantinos are a little farther away, but have their own natural beauty. The list of beaches seems endless as there are so many magical small beaches which more than repay the efforts of visitors who seek them out.

But no one should leave the island unless they have been to Koutsomitis and Kounoupes beaches which can only be reached by boat. Boats leave every day to take visitors on day trips  so they can swim in the crystal blue waters and experience the wonderful feeling of swimming in the deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea - the feeling that you are swimming on the edge of the world.

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