Hop on the wings of the Aegean Butterfly and look down over the island’s long history and all the signs of life left behind by the people who have lived here over the years. Your journey through time will begin at the world's only infant cemetery dating back to the end of the geometric period (750 BC), and then you can continue on to the Roman Baths of Talara and the Early Christian Basilica of Aghia Varvara. Don’t miss the island’s archaeological museum which hosts a variety of exhibits, dating from prehistoric times up to medieval times.

You should also include the island’s two castles (the Venetian Castle and St. John's Castle) and its three caves (Vatses, Vathi and Analipsis) on your list. And the windmills in Chora are another great attraction. Most of the surviving windmills are well-kept and open to visitors as they house a library, a travel agency, and various exhibitions.

One thing that you should definitely do is visit the churches – especially as there are 365 churches, monasteries and chapels on the island. Some of the most noteworthy are Panagia Portaitissa in Kastro and Panagia Flavariotissa, but there are many other wonderful churches scattered around every corner in Chora and all over the whole island. If you explore the narrow streets of the villages you will find a unique complex formed by seven neighbouring churches.

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