The Virgin Portaetissa considered one of the most beautiful churches in the Dodecanese. The exact location is at the entrance of the castle in place Rodia. The curch was founded in the 18th century.
It is dedicated to Panagia Portaitissa the Iberian monastery located on Mount Athos. It is said that the picture is reflected in the temple itself when placed on the wood.
In August 15th there is a great feast and all residents and foreign visitors celebrate faithfully following the traditions in one of the biggest celebrations of the island! The women share the world famous local delicacy Lambrianou! Another church of St. George was built in 1790 and located on the edge of the castle.

Also well known is the monastery of Panagia Flevariotissa, where part of the church is in a cave. Feature of the monastery is the wooden temple. The Virgin Mary is celebrated on February 2 and many visitors come winter Astypalea especially for this great celebration! It is worth visiting the church of St. John, built on a mountain, near the ruins of the old castle, you will be amazed with the beautiful waterfall and of course the wonderful sea views. To say that Saint John is only visible from a point of view! Very famous is the church of Panagia Poulariani the road to Vathi. The rock forming the Virgin having the divine embrace infant. It is said that bad weather glowing light on the rocks.

It is also built churches scattered as that of St. Nicholas on the hill near Deep Inside, the church of Our Lady of Thomas and St. John. Agios Dimitrios, the church of the Ascension in Maltesana, Saint Nicholas, Saint Basil, Saint Panteleimon, St. Eleutherius, St George and St Constantine.


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