So, you have arrived on the island and now it’s time to sort out your plan for exploring it. You might want to rest and relax on holiday, but that does not mean that you will want to miss out on getting to know this beautiful place. The view of the Kastro and the narrow streets of Chora are indeed picturesque, but there is even more to Astypalea than this. You can explore the island’s stunning villages, each one with its own individual character. And every time you explore the island you will be adding another piece to the jigsaw and forming your own picture of the island - Pera Gialos with its old harbour, Livadi with its organised beach, Maltezana with its unique sense of tranquility and, of course, "lonely" Vathi with Vathi bay.

Any visit to the island is the perfect opportunity to go exploring. You can decide on your own route and set off by car, boat or motorbike, or, on the other hand, you can go hiking, cycling or mountaineering. Maybe you can include water sports, fishing or snorkeling in your itinerary, or perhaps a visit to an agrotourist site or a bee-keeping farm. Wherever you choose to go, you are bound to see churches or picturesque white chapels. The islanders’ religious beliefs have left this wonderful imprint on the landscape, gifting it with hundreds of beautiful monasteries and churches, many of which are connected with the history of the island and with miracles.

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