Astypalea might be known as an alternative tourist destination, but it is also not somewhere that fits in with stereotypes. The aura of the Aegean and its positive energy make the island a hospitable destination that is ready to welcome all travellers, whatever their age. So, don’t be put off if you want to go on holiday with your children, the island has everything you need for a wonderful, carefree family holiday.

There are plenty of accommodation options that offer all the services that families need for a comfortable, safe visit without any unexpected surprises. There is very little traffic in most of the villages, so children feel safer and free to run, play, ride their bikes and simply enjoy everything that kids of their age should be doing without intrusive supervision.

Daily swims in the sea will be a new experience for our young visitors. The island has quiet beaches with shallow sea where the children can swim or do water sports safely while you read your book and savour the bright sun on the Aegean Sea.

And of course, don’t forget to tell your younger children stories from the island’s history. These tales of pirates and corsairs will spark their imagination so that they too can become pirates with their ships hidden in the remote bays of the island.

And when they are tired of the sea, you can build your own castles with them on the sandy beaches. Like the corsairs who visited the island hundreds of years ago, you can make towers and ramparts for your little kings and princesses – and at the same time create memories that will last a lifetime.

You won’t have any problems when it’s time to eat either. The island’s cooks are only too happy to cater to children's tastes. They use the highest quality ingredients to make delicious and wholesome food so no one in the family will have anything to complain about! And as for that standard holiday treat - the island's ice cream parlors offer both innovative and classic flavours to keep everyone happy.

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