Climate and geography

Astypalea (or Astropalia or Astoupalia as the locals use to call it) is the fourth largest and westernmost island of the Dodecanese. It is located west of Nisyros and east of Anafi (Cyclades). It acts as a "bridge" that connects Cyclades and Dodecanese, since it administratively belongs to the Dodecanese but geographically and culturally stands between Dodecanese and Cyclades, combining elements from both island groups. The island covers an area of 97 km2, a coastline of 110 km and has 1.334 inhabitants. It is 23 nautical miles from Kos Island, 69nm from Rhodes Island and 117nm from Piraeus. It is full of high cliffs and hills (its highest peak is 482m), beautiful beaches and picturesque villages that invite visitors to a magical trip in the blue of Aegean and the white of the houses. A small strip of land of about 100 meters, the “Steno”, separates the island in two pieces.

In the southeast there are several small islands, such as Agia Kyriaki, Chondros, Kounoupi and Koutsomitis.

In the West there are the Ofidousa islets, Chtenia, Pontikousa and others. The capital of the island is the homonymous settlement, or otherwise Hora and is connected to the port (Pera Yialos).

Apart from Chora, there is the village of Analipsi (Maltezana or Martizana) where is the island's airport, the village of Livadi inhabited only during the summer months and in the northeast of the island the Village Vathi.

The entire island has been classified as Landscape of Outstanding Natural Beauty and two of its settlements as Traditional.

The island's is semi-mountainous, with two distinct plain areas in the southwest and northeast of the island (Livadi and Vathi, respectively) and with highest peaks the "Vardia" (482m) and the "Castellano" (366m). The diverse coastline of 110 km long, forms many small bays, and in many cases the hills extend around the sea creating steep cliffs.

According to the weather station of Astypalaia (National Weather Service), for the period 1977-2013, the average annual temperature is 19,27 ° C, while the average monthly prices ranging between 11,68 ° C (February) and 27,20 ° C (July).

The average minimum monthly air temperature is 7,73 ° C, recorded in February, while the average maximum monthly temperature recorded in July and is 32,09 ° C. Regarding the absolute minimum and maximum values, the minimum recorded in February and its price amounts to 5,00 ° C, and the peak in months of June and July where the mercury approaches 40,20 ° C.

The average annual relative humidity, for the region Astypalaia amounts to 70.13%.

According to data kept by the Agricultural Economics Department the average annual amount of precipitation patterns in Astypalaia from 1985 until 2012 range from 196,4 - 620,9 mm, with an average price of 400 mm.

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