Cultural Educational Association of Astypalea

The Cultural and Educational Association of Astypalea (C.E.A.A.), founded in 1978.

Cultural Educational Association of Astypalea

Causes of the club, according to the statutes of operation are:

  1. Strengthening the feeling of common descent, the strengthening of friendship and trust between members of the Association and generally among all Astypalean people.
  2. The development among all members, the spirit of solidarity.
  3. The study and promotion of issues related to social, cultural and spiritual development of its members.
  4. Entertainment membership of the Association.
  5. The moral support and material support of each Astypalean citizen in need.
  6. The aid commensurate with the resources of the Association and support each Astypalean project.

Today the main activities of C.E.A.A. is:

The dance classes

In our CEAA performed traditional dance courses, children aged 6-18 years from amateur teachers. The six dance classes that work, presenting performances within and outside the island of Astypalea. Magazines and where economically feasible, the adult section, which consists of teachers, giving performances, wearing traditional costumes astypalean, across Greece.

The cloakroom traditional costumes

In a small space, the building CEAA, has formed a cloakroom traditional costumes. These costumes (six in number) belonging to the club and started construction in the 1990s. Plans of these uniforms were based on traditional astypalean female costume of the last century. This garment is one of the greatest examples of the wider Greek area.

The Movie

In our CEAA operating since 2009 cinemas. These two views are held each week in which one saw in children aged 5-12 years and the other at older ages.

The internet radio station

As part of our effort to reduce the feeling of isolation that creates the “beaten track”, from early 2011 created by CEAA, an internet radio station. In this mode the radio station have the potential to involve all residents of the island. It is non-profit does not have sponsors or advertising revenue and audience is limited in capability (on line) to fifty (50) users simultaneously. The broadcasts are made based program posted last week on the website of the station and this time is a total of 30. The address of our radio station is

Carnival of Astypalea

Each year, the Cultural and Educational Association of Astypalea, in cooperation with the Municipality of Astypalea, Astypalean elementary school, middle school-high school of Astypalea and generally with the islanders, organize the “Astypalean carnival”. Manufacture of tanks and uniforms, organized all-day games for children, performed a parody of so-called “Astypalean wedding” and events completed with established parade and festival in the square of Chora.

The koukania

As part of the celebrations held in the Astypalea 15th of August, integrated and ‘koukania”. These are sports that take place on the beach of Pera Gialos in Chora of Astypalea.

The “maxoulia»

Organizing cultural fortnightly with musical events, theatrical performances and art events.


At the area of Cultural Educational Association of Astypalea, operates a lending library since 1995. Books are limited in number and content, mostly coming from donations of publishers.

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