Astypalea has managed to preserve its character and to avoid sacrificing it to uncontrolled tourism development. This means that you will be able to experience nature and to feel the magic of the island at the same time as enjoying your favourite sport.


Can you imagine a better way to explore the island than on a hiking trip? Plan your own walk yourself, or with help from the locals. They will tell you about the island’s well-hidden beauty-spots and will show you the specially marked paths on the mountain slopes. Put on your trainers, and set out with your spirits high as you explore the paths shaped by nature. You will feel the island’s magic and positive energy with you all the way, and when you return back to your hotel, satisfied and tired, you will be raring to plan your next expedition.

Climbing - Mountaineering

There is no place for stereotypes on Astypalea. Who would imagine that you can go mountain climbing in the heart of the Aegean? But you can! The steep cliffs which rise up from the beaches and the beautiful paths looking down on the blue waters of the Aegean will fascinate everyone who loves mountain climbing. And if you are an experienced rock-climber you can visit the "ftera" site, which has 20 marked climbing routes.

Speleological tourism (caving)

The caves of Astypalea are fascinating and unique and are one of the most important alternative tourism destinations on the island. When you visit these caves, you can almost hear the island’s heart beating loudly in this wonderful and mysterious environment that inspires everyone who visits it.

Mountain Biking - Cycling

Do you love cycling? Is a bicycle more than just a means of transport for you? Bring your own bike to the island or rent one once you get here. There are excellent mountain bike tracks on the island, and a variety of different grades to suit every level of experience. In October 2018 the municipality organised the first cycling festival. Put our next event in your diary

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